A Progressive Solution
Hydro Pacific Pumps Inc. (HPP) is a design, manufacturing and service company that provides pumping solutions and equipment to the Water, Mining and Oil and Gas Industries.

HPP has invented, developed, patented and commenced the manufacture of a revolutionary new downhole positive displacement pump system, the hygr Fluid System. This system is capable of safely transferring low volumes of fluid at a competitive full installed cost and operating cost that is substantially less than that of conventional systems including sucker rod and pump jacks. The hygr Fluid System utilizes a patented downhole pump and several proprietary features including a surface mounted, fully automated hydraulic drive system that offers significant environmental, safety, and cost benefits over other systems.

HPP has deployed systems with major oil & gas companies in Canada and the USA for both gas well dewatering and oil recovery. Are actively marketing its 3.5" OD hygr pump in Alberta, Canada and across the USA, and continue to test new prototype production pump models at our British Columbia facilities. The Company would welcome the opportunity to work with operators who have an interest if evaluating our hygr technology. If you are a producer with gas or oil wells that require artificial lift, please contact us.

HPP is currently offering artificial lift solutions Gas Well Deliquification for Conventional and Non-Conventional wells and Low Production, Stripper Oil Wells (initial field trials for high temperature, steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) oil applications are pending)